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Oranges Are Funny! explores the rich yet often ignored lives of these spherical fruits. Like humans, oranges struggle daily with friendships, careers, romance, and death. Unlike humans, oranges are round, have no limbs, and grow on trees. Limbs or no limbs, this comic’s simply drawn lines delve deep into the most personal moments of citrus life, revealing a complex web of hopes, passions, and betrayals that may best be likened to the finest writing moments of Tolstoy or Melville.  It has also been described as Charles Dickens meets Charles Schultz in an orange grove. Someone else said, “Margaret Mitchell meets Helen Keller playing Pictionary over brunch.” Such comparisons go on and on… However it is described, Oranges Are Funny!  holds a little something for everyone who has ever felt vulnerable and alone in life, or who just likes to eat oranges.


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